How to Leverage the Booming Demand for Recruiters

Learn how R2R Search can assist you in hiring recruiters.

The job market has been incredibly hot over the last twelve months, so as recruiters, there are a few things we can expect:

  1. There will be new entrants into the space as candidates who smell “easy money” will attempt recruiting (kind of like coaching a few years ago).
  2. Companies that have recruited internally and that want to scale rapidly in the post-Covid economy will be looking to hire internal recruiters and talent acquisition leaders. This will further deplete the pool of candidates to recruit for search firms and create increased competition for search talent.
  3. Compensation for top search talent will continue to rise and opportunities will remain abundant for accomplished recruiter talent across verticals. Those who have been in the business for a while will need to distinguish themselves from newcomers and refine the case for hiring externally vs. recruiting in-house.

For most recruiters, this means that reaching out and testing the market is recommended. Even if a search professional isn’t ready for a move, sometimes they underestimate their market value within search. To maximize their candidacy, search professionals can:

Increase flexibility between remote and office. Global Workplace Analytics predicts that by the end of 2021, 25 -30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week. We’ve learned during Covid that remote hiring is surprisingly easy and convenient. Even job fairs are going virtual. For recruiters, this will make moving from one company to another or from freelance to organizational jobs easier and less dependent on geography.

Prepare a business plan within your vertical that expresses your ideal scenarios and how you will get there – As passionately as search professionals market their candidates to clients, they often undersell themselves. Taking the time to prepare a business plan (personal brand overview) evidences a seriousness about who a recruiter is and what they can bring to the market for the  search firms that are looking to hire internally.

Be aggressive: Invest the time  to actively search for yourself. Moving  from a “passive” candidate to an “active” one allows you to benchmark your current search firm to the market, even if you’re relatively happy and/or comfortable where you are. Build a relationship with a recruiter that specializes in the search industry. As a recruiter you have advocated for your candidates as the expert in your niche, so why shouldn’t you get the same opportunity?



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